BT Levio S-series

BT Levio 2.0t, Stand-in Lowlifter

Model ID: LSI200

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BT Levio 2.0t, Stand-in Lowlifter

Introducing our BT Levio S-series Stand-in Lowlifter Truck - the perfect powered pallet truck for heavy lifting in any warehouse or industrial setting. With a weight capacity of 2.0 tons, this powerful machine can move heavy loads quickly and safely, and its cutting-edge lithium-ion energy system keeps you going, around the clock. Designed with the operator in mind, the stand-in lowlifter truck offers a flexible yet ergonomic ride.

Key Benefits

  • Adjustable sit/stand chair
  • Driver detection system
  • Carefree Li-ion energy solution
  • Multifunction color display
  • Fingertip controls